Thunder’s Story

THUNDER…6 weeks ago…Just SIX weeks ago, this kid had no hope, no food, no loving humans, no home, and very little fur. What he did have, was a flea infestation, scabby, raw skin, and a blessed discovery by LDF’s pack leader…While driving by the local rural dump, she spotted this kid scrounging around trying to find something to eat. In her typical saint fashion, she whipped around, whipped in and crawled under the locked gate separating her from this lost and broken soul. She gained his trust with a handful of kitty treats and whisked him off to the safe haven of Laughing Dog Farm.

From there she saw to it that he was fed, bathed, vetted, neutered and loved. He was given a name, cared for, and treated as a deserving soul for what was probably the first time in his young life. A kid who had every reason to mistrust and be food aggressive/protective, and multiple other behavioral issues, somehow was not. He began to thrive alongside the other fur kids and show his sweet and loving personality.

One of LDF’s prior adoptive momma’s was watching Thunder’s transformation via FB. She had given home, love and life to a previous LDF alum, who has since crossed The Bridge. This angel of a woman reached out to our pack leader and offered to give the same loving furever home to Thunder!!
And so the trek from the NC mountains to the Outer Banks began!! It’s so awesome how folks from all over the state will come together, make plans of where and when to meet, hand off a beloved pupper, their paperwork, food, favorite toys, leads, collars and harnesses, relay info regarding feedings, meds, health/surgical care, personality traits, etc, just to ensure that fur kid has as smooth a transition as possible in route to their forever home. All of this from beginning to end is done in their personal time, without pay. This particular journey is made up of 5 transfers and 3 overnight stints. It truly takes a village. It definitely goes a long way in reminding me that all people really don’t suck.

LOOK, just look at the first pic…A collage of Thunder pics from when he was first rescued from a life of doom…To a mere SIX weeks later to today…And then try to tell me that rescuers aren’t some of the best, biggest hearted angels on earth. God bless ‘em all!! ❤️?❤️
by Kelly Covington as posted on Fifi’s Friends Rescue at Laughing Dog Farm Facebook Page

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