Kibble Ambassador

Hear ye…Hear ye!! Calling all friends and fans of Laughing Dog Farm!! We need your help…We are looking for THIRTY very distinguished Kibble Ambassadors to join the LDF ranks!!

What is a Kibble Ambassador you ask?? A little background first…Every single day our pack leader empties a full 50 lb bag of regular kibble. That 50 lb bag costs $30/day…A routine cost that is going to exist no matter any other needs or emergencies that may arise.

A revered Kibble Ambassador would donate one bag of kibble a month, every month, for the remainder of the year…Hence the 30 Ambassadors we are praying will come forth to lessen that daily financial burden a bit.

If interested, there are a few ways to go about this…Firstly, make a monthly reminder on your phone/calendar, etc…

1. The preferred/easiest/most helpful way for Pam…Give Vanessa a call at GRIFFITH’S GENERAL STORE just down the rd from Pam at, 828-688-2369. Let that sweet gurl know you’d like to put a $30 food credit on Pam’s acct with your card. She’s a sweetheart and will take your cc info right over the phone. ❤️

2. You can send a check to GRIFFITH’S GENERAL STORE at 4301 NC-197 Green Mountain, NC 28740. (Mark your check memo as “Food for a day”).

3. PAYPAL – Search for BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OPTION so that no fees apply. And mark your $30 blessing as “Food for a day”.

4. VENMO – Search for @fifisfriendsrescue. Please mark your $30 blessing as “FOOD FOR A DAY”

Please respond below to this post as your honorable commitment of stewardship to the kids kibble needs…That’ll just give us an idea how to plan…As you know, that is often a tricky hustle!!

I simply cannot express what an enormous burden, a congress of Kibble Ambassadors could make. To alleviate that constant, daily stressor would be a full-bodied sigh of relief!! To not have to wonder how to hustle/meet basic needs kibble for a week would be a liberating godsend, and enable Pam to focus on much more pressing/urgent matters…Of which there are plenty!!

Please, please consider volunteering to become an honorable Kibble Ambassador for $30/month…The blessing would be invaluable ❤️🐾❤️